Ride #2: Riverbend Ponds Natural Area

Accessible by bike path, Riverbend Ponds Natural Area is a hidden little gem.  The area itself has over 3 miles of beginner trails and a boardwalk trail.  There is also an abundance of wildlife.  Portions of the trail here are narrow and surrounded on both sides by water (which is a little scary and cool at the same time).

***Click here for the route and details.***

Distance: about 15 miles round trip

Elevation: about 190 feet of climbing

How to get there:

Take the Spring Creek Bike Path east until you reach the intersection of Spring Creek and Poudre Bike Paths.  Take the Poudre Bike Path west (northwest really) until you get to Timberline.  Use the overpass to cross over the river and you’ll see Riverbend Ponds on your right.  You could also start by taking the Poudre Bike Path east until you get to Timberline.  I decided to make it a loop and took Spring Creek there and then Poudre to return home.


Want to explore more?  Along the way, there are a few cool place to take the kiddos.

  • Cattail Chorus:  just off the Poudre Bike Path (just before it intersects with Spring Creek Bike path), there is a funky bike rack with crows on it.  Park here to take a super-short hike on a trail with fun, family-oriented signage that ultimately leads to a bench with wildlife views.





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