3rd Trimester – The Adventure Continues!!!

Today, we are officially 29 weeks. Passed the glucose test (which means I don’t have diabetes…. Yay!!!!).  Guess that means the Corndoggies have really helped with my nutrition!!!

Starting to get a little cramped up in my little body. I’ve gained about 15 pounds so far and supposed to gain another 10 more, but I honestly don’t know think there is room for anything more. Maybe I’ll get taller… that would help.


Most Comfortable Place: My Bike

As everything is getting bigger, bigger, BIGGER, I’m starting to feel it affecting my back and pelvis. I’ve been so lucky that I’m still able to keep biking.  Being on the bike is the one place where my body feels so relaxed and comfortable… relief!!!!  It’s literally more pleasant for me to ride my bike to work than to be crunched up behind the wheel driving to work.  I can’t breathe well when I’m sitting at a desk or while driving, but I can breathe quite comfortable still while riding.  Wish I could just be on my bike all day!!!

Been able to do a couple trips to Fruita, Grand Junction, and Pueblo.  Also got to do an overnight bike ride with Teresa.  ..and I even did a 61 mile single speed RACE!!!!! and I finished last place.  The sweep van was following right behind me the whole time.  I asked the van to please pass me (mostly because I really needed to pee), but the van wouldn’t pass (so I had to pee in front of the van… 5 times…).

Practicing with the Siri dog.  She managed to jump out within the first 2 miles. Good thing I practiced with the dog first.  Would be awful to have that happen with an infant.
Fruita, Western Rim Trail.  Beautiful.  I’m riding a lot slower now, but it gives me an excuse to take in the views and enjoy riding in a different way.
Family picture with the Dino Truck in Fruita!!
Tabeguache Trails/Lunch Loops in Grand Junction.  Tyson has been so patient riding with me while I’m “pregnancy pace”.
Nice hike up to Hanging Lake on the way home from Fruita.
Keeping our overnight bike packing skills sharp with a S24O (sub 24 hour overnight) on Horsetooth.  This is luxury bike packing compared to our usual shelter.
S24O on Horsetooth with Teresa.
One of my favorite parts about finishing the One Speed Open Race (a 61-mile single speed gravel grinder), was getting mama goat love at the finish.
My other favorite thing about finishing the One Speed Open Race was the super-thoughtful “Maternity Hoodie” that they gave me for finishing.  I think Lil’ Grom might have been the first fetus to finish the One Speed Open Race.
This is my version of “nesting” apparently.  The nursery isn’t ready.  We don’t even have a crib yet.  But we certainly have a Thule Chariot Cougar with jogging and bike attachments.

Chopa and Michelle’s Wedding in Sedona

Even flew to Sedona for the weekend to celebrate with Chopa and Michelle.  Got to do a few cool hikes and take in some beautiful scenery while celebrating Chopa and Michelle with friends!!

This is where Chopa and Michelle got married.  No filters.  Its just THIS beautiful.
How many bike tan lines can you spot?  Hee hee!!
Trails at Soldiers Wash.  Hunting for vortexes and javelina.


Strava Data

So far this year: 249 hours of riding, 2164 miles, 213 PRs, and 83 total activities.

This time last year: 218 hours of riding, 2171 miles, 395 PRs, and 91 total activities.

The Bump.  


I’m at 29 weeks and just started showing enough that it’s pretty obvious to most people.  People used to be afraid to ask me if I was pregnant because they didn’t want to be rude.  But now, people ask pretty openly.

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