Next Big Adventure: Parenthood


So…for those of you who haven’t heard yet:

Tyson and I discovered a mass growing in my uterus.  Our doctor says that there’s not much we can do about it now, except monitor it as it continues to grow bigger and bigger each day.  So far, I’ve gained 8 pounds from its growth.  Good news is that, apparently, my body will expel this mass all on its own in another 4 months (you won’t believe how it gets expelled).

Profile of Face
Bottom of Foot
Obligatory “Alien Face” Shot
Look in the black bubble on the left.  That is her little fist with a single middle finger extended.  Where did she learn that?


Just checking.


Making the Decision

Most people seem to have children because it is something they always knew they wanted their whole lives. Or, perhaps, something they feel they need to do to feel that their life experience has been whole, or complete. It’s not like that for me. In fact, I’ve felt very fulfilled in my life up to now.  Tyson happened to mention it one day, “What do you think about kids?”  I hadn’t thought much about it really.  At my age, and with my adventurous lifestyle, I had sorta written it off.  

I’ve had the fortune of many amazing experiences in my life. Medical school, Residency, running marathons, mountain bike adventures, rock climbing, traveling… it’s been an amazing ride so far.  I must however admit that I had started feeling restless, wondering what my next big adventure should be.  I know I could be content by simply continuing to explore more opportunities on my mountain bike. But some part of me was longing for a completely different experience altogether.

Tyson’s question made me start wondering about what kind of mom I would be. What kind of experiences did I have to offer a little human, what could I teach them?  How would I handle the challenge of meeting the needs of a child while still finding a way to meet my own needs for adventure?  I envisioned the challenge of traveling with a child.  Packing a trailer and exploring on bike with a child in tow.  Wondering how many diapers you might need to bring, how much food to pack.  Calculating the logistics of bikepacking overnight with a child.  How do you fit in your workouts?  How do you find time to make healthy food?  Then it occurred to me.  This might actually be the next big experience I was looking for.



Staying Active

I’ ve been very fortunate that I’ve felt very good so far.  No morning sickness and no pains or anything.  I do have to pee a lot.  And I’m super hungry all the time.  It is also a little weird having the feeling that something is constantly wiggling inside your uterus all the time.  But, every new sensation, each new change in my body, is an exciting new experience.  It’s been super cool to see what my body is still capable of doing.  I can still comfortably ride long distances, and hike and run.  I’ve had to learn to adjust my riding position a bit so I don’t squish the baby (or rather squish my guts).  I decided to stop doing things that seem even a little risky like riding fast downhill and taking big drops.  I also had to stop hammering uphill so much (my joints are too loose and its pulls my back and hips out).  But, my Strava data suggests I haven’t really slowed down much at all.

So far this year: 151 hours of riding, 1260 miles, 145 PRs, and 52 total activities.

This time last year: 146 hours of riding, 1232 miles, 272 PRs, and 45 total activities.

Slow and steady… mostly slow.
At this phase, I guess I’ll eat anything.
Slow…but still very strong & capable.
Craving canned spinach?

The Bump

For those of you who want to see the bump… its not much yet, but here it is:

Before preggers
About 16 weeks… I think
About 20 weeks… I think
21 weeks. Happy Easter.