Colorado Trail Race – Day 3

Felipe the Angelfish

Sunrise on Jarosa Mesa – Photo Credit: Felipe Borjas

We awoke around 2am and packed up camp and started up to Coney in the dark. We watched the sunrise from Jarosa Mesa. That’s when the guy from Ecuador told me his name was Felipe. That was easy to remember because I had an angelfish in high school that I had named Felipe.

Felipe and I found Jarosa Mesa to have a strange rhythm. It’s hard to tell if it is better to ride or push your bike. The trail is relatively flat, but there are so many large rocks that disrupt your momentum and require a bit of technical skill to ride over. At one point, I fell pretty hard and cracked my carbon chainstay (and bruised my left quad). That’s when I decided that it probably wasn’t worth trying to ride after all.

Pit Toilet as Cuddle Buddy

We descended down to Spring Creek Pass in frigid temps (around 35oF) and stopped to use the restroom and to collect water from the creek. We met a few other CTR racers who had camped there and complained that it was super cold all night. They said that some people even slept in the bathrooms overnight (ewww…gross). After hearing about their miserable night, I felt glad that we had camped at a higher elevation after all. Must’ve been a temperature inversion. Lucky!!!

La Garita Ups and Downs

La Garita – made me want a margarita.. real bad. – Photo Credit: Felipe Borjas

Not much to say about this detour. You get to fly down a paved road (weeeee!), then slogging uphill again (ugh), then after Slumgullion you get to descend almost 3000 feet elevation over 16 miles (weeeee!), then up Pino Pass (ugh), then down again (weeeee!), then you ride along Cochetopa Creek until you reach Segment 18. Eventually you get to descend to Lujan Creek/Hwy 114. While Felipe was descending ahead, I stopped to wash myself up in the creek (weeeee!).

We climbed for a while after Lujan. I kept hoping we might run into Apple out there, but no luck. I was feeling pretty energetic, but Filipe felt he needed rest really bad. So we stopped at Razor Creek, elevation ~11,000 feet at around 8pm and slept until 4am.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.29.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.30.06 PM

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